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Carolina Energy Conservation Case Studies: Solar Projects in Pawleys Island

Thursday, July 11th, 2019 by Nicolas Planchard


David wanted to save on his electric bill all while reducing his carbon footprint and doing his part to save the planet. He decided to go solar at his home!

David wanted to install 62 solar panels while his new home is being constructed and he decided to trust Carolina Energy Conservation to install his panels. After doing a proposal for him, we concluded that his home would have a 21.7 kWh system. The 62 panels will cover about 90% of his energy usage and should save him about $95,000 in energy bills over the next 25 years! If he would not have installed solar panels, he would pay over $165,000 for electric bills, and only $70,000 with solar over the next 25 years. There is a big difference. His 62 solar panels would also have a positive impact on the planet. Indeed, he would reduce his carbon footprint by 340 tons a year which is equivalent to 25,000 trees planted over 25 years. This numbers shows that only one project can already make a big difference for the environment. On top of that, the customer will get a 55% tax credit for his installation. In other words, more than half of his investment will come back in his pocket. The 55% tax credit will go until 2020. David didn't hesitate one second and our installers started the installation beginning of June.


We used the SunPower Residential AC Module Solar Panels that are 350 watt nad have one inverter each. These panels have a 25 years warranty. We had to use 7 different circuit to be able to put all panels on the roof and being able to make the disconnect and the solar generator work. They installed 14 panels on the left side roof, 20 panels on the right side roof and 28 panels on the back roof.


It took our installers 1 week to get everything done. On the first two days, they did all the measurements on the roof, they installed the roof transition flashing, the rails and the clamps to be able to attach the panels on the roof. On the second, third and fourth day, our installers installed all the panels, about 20 a day. On the last day, when all the panels were installed, they mounted the related electrical and monitoring equipment. At the end of the last day, all the cables between the panels, the external fused AC disconnect, the solar generator, the PVS5 monitoring and the Solar System Point were connected.




From now on, the customer will be able to check his energy consumption and production data everyday through his mobile device with the sunpower mobile app. It will tell him all the details about the production of the solar panels each day and he will soon realize that the solar panels actually aborbs a lot of energy, especially during the hot and sunny days, which will then be used for most of the home electricity. The solar panels will produce most of the electricity during the day and it can be used as electricity usage during the day and in the evening. The customer will realize soon how beneficial the solar panels are by looking already at his next bill which will be much lower than his previous one on his previous house. 

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