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Solar Energy Before & After Photos

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Gone Solar in Lake View, SC

James wanted to take some of the pressure off of his utility company and had a 5.25 kW system installed on his home in Lake View, SC. He is now using solar energy to cover 39% of his electric usage. 

Before and After Solar Installation in Loris, SC

Auston's garage behind his home was a great candidate for solar. His farm style home uses a lot of energy throughout the year and he wanted to go solar to start saving some money on his electric bill. Auston had a 13.920 kWh system installed on his garage. This system is made up of 48 Hanwha solar panels. Over the next 25 years, he should see about $53,000 in electric savings! 

New Year, New Panels

These Myrtle Beach locals are happy to see solar in their community! Now their 18 SunPower panels are projected to save them ~$33,000 over 25 years!

New Homes Go Solar!

Richard was building a new home and wanted to start off on the right foot! He wanted to utilize solar energy at his new house and knew that Carolina Energy Conservation was the company for the job. After the house was built, we installed 15 SunPower Equinox panels on their roof! 


Now his solar is covering 93% of his utility usage!

Solar PV

Not only is solar energy great for the environment, it's great for your home as well! This customer wanted to reduce their electric bill, so Carolina Energy Conservation installed 16 solar panels on their home. The homeowner is now seeing lower energy bills thanks to solar energy!

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