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Thursday, June 7th, 2018 by Hannah Staley

Do You Have a Damp and Humid Crawlspace? - Image 1 

With summer around the corner, it’s time to talk about your crawl space. 


These environments are often dark, damp, and musty and become favorable to the growth of mold and mildew spores. Unfortunately, the summer humidity levels certainly don’t help the situation. These spores, along with other allergens, pass through the air into the connected living spaces above. 


Problems with Crawl Spaces Include: 

  • Increased Allergens. With mold and mildew, allergies can get even worse! 


  • Animal Pests. Warm and cold-blooded critters love damp environments to build their homes!


  • Crawl Space Vents and Door. Vents and poorly sealed crawl space doors allow hot, humid, moisture dense air to enter where it condenses on the naturally cooler crawl space surfaces causing mold, wood rot, falling insulation, cupping hardwood floors, and more! 


  • Mold. Humid, damp crawl spaces are the perfect environments for mold to grow causing damages to your home and health.


  • Water in Crawl Space. In addition to the usual humidity and water vapor problems associated with a wet crawl space, if left untreated problems can arise including: rotting floor framing, mold and mildew, cupped wood flooring, musty odors, cracked foundation from settling foundation, falling insulation. 

Do You Have a Damp and Humid Crawlspace? - Image 2


  • Energy Loss. If your crawl space isn’t well insulated, you are paying higher bills every month to heat against outdoor air that is entering your crawl space! 


Do You Have a Damp and Humid Crawlspace? - Image 3


To learn more about protecting your home and your health, go to and find out how you can protect your home from these hot and humid summers OR call our office to schedule your FREE crawl space evaluation today! (843) 748-0295


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