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Your roof and attic are subjected to the most extreme temperatures throughout the year, and these have the potential to negatively affect the rest of your home. Without taking some kind of action, you could be facing discomfort and increased heating and cooling costs in your home.

Carolina Energy Conservation installs Solar Star Attic Fans to give your attic some relief from these temperatures. These solar-powered systems are designed for maximum attic ventilation, keeping your attic temperate and dry and protecting your roof. Best of all, they're free to run!

To find out more about our attic fans, schedule a free quote with us today! We serve customers in Myrtle Beach, Charleston, Bluffton, and areas nearby. 

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Solar Star Attic Fans work year round

Solar fans use the sun's energy to transform your passive roof vents into an active ventilation system. They prevent heat and moisture from building up in your attic, which can otherwise harm your roof and make your HVAC work twice as hard.

These systems have year-long significance. In the summer, your attic can reach soaring temperatures for long periods of the day. Temperatures will rise throughout your home because of the heat in your attic, and your air conditioning won't be able to perform efficiently - costing you extra in utilities. A solar fan will remove this excess heat, keeping you cool all summer long.

In the winter, ice and moisture builds up on your roof, causing damage to roofing materials. The combination of cold temperatures outside and humidity from inside water sources only creates more chaos. A solar fan will equalize the temperature, protecting your home from any negative consequences.

Which product is right for you?

Solar Star offers a wide variety of solar attic fans to benefit all kinds of homes. We install the following models:

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Solar Star Roof Mount 1600

The Solar Star RM 1600 features a 22-watt solar panel, the most powerful model offered for superior performance. It is available in high profile, low profile, and pitched roof mount models.

A high profile mount is ideal for areas with heavy snow yet is still aerodynamic, while the pitched mount is helpful for north-facing roofs that need additional exposure to the sun.


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Solar Star Roof Mount 1200

The Solar Star RM 1200 is designed for use in smaller attics. It features a 10-watt solar panel, perfect for improving venting and airflow in a smaller space. 

Like the larger model, the Solar Star Roof Mount 1200 is also available in high profile, low profile, and pitched mounts. Its compact yet powerful design has made it a popular choice for local homeowners.


Solar fan in Myrtle Beach

Solar Star Interior Mount 1200

The Solar Star IM 1200 is mounted inside your attic and uses a discreet 10-watt solar panel, maintaining your home's curb appeal.

This model converts passive gable, dormer, powered and whirlybird vents into an active, solar-powered venting system. 


Solar Star Temperature Controlled Attic Fans: Extended Life

Solar Star also offers a temperature control feature available for all models. This will cause your solar fan to turn on only within a set range of temperatures, extending its lifespan.

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Installing a solar attic fan requires special tools and the expertise of a trained professional. Call Carolina Energy Conservation today to learn more about the benefits of Solar Attic Fans or our other renewable energy options.