Use Solar Energy Throughout the Day and at Night

Monday, July 2nd, 2018 by Hannah Staley

 Use Solar Energy Throughout the Day and at Night - Image 1


The sonnenBatterie eco is an energy storage unit that allows you to utilize all energy created from PV solar panels. Battery storage for solar energy is the newest, most innovative way to get maximum savings on your electric bill. Homeowners can now have a reliable source of energy even when the sun goes down. Residential solar and storage is just what people need to get that electric bill to be next to nothing.


Allows for Energy Usage During the Day and at Night. The sonnenBatterie works directly with your installed solar panels. During the day it will utilize the existing energy coming from the sun and will back up energy for the evening.


No Worry about Power Loss. If the lights go out in your neighborhood, you will be the brightest out of the bunch. Sonnen technology will give you peace of mind during power outages. With your backup system, you will continue to have electricity throughout the night!


Cut Costs on Your Electric Bill. This system maximizes utilization of solar energy. Since you can use the energy storage at night, your electric bill should decrease significantly.


Design Life is Hard to Beat. This innovative system is designed to last through 10,000 cycles or almost 10 years before your battery storage capacity begins to lower!


Works Well with Existing Solar Panels. This system works perfectly with our SunPower solar panels that we offer. This smart system will utilize the energy from the sun during the day and store any extra energy produced for use at night.


We are now offering these amazing systems for all existing or new customers who are interested in maximizing their solar energy usage and cutting costs on their electric bills. Make sure you keep an eye out on our social media websites and our main page for updates on product information! For more information about gaining energy independence please give our office a call at (843) 748-0295 or visit the Sonnen website.


 Use Solar Energy Throughout the Day and at Night - Image 1




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