Drafty Floors and Rooms Are Everyone's Worst Nightmare

Thursday, November 7th, 2019 by Gabriella Meeks

Drafty Floors and Rooms Are Everyone\'s Worst Nightmare - Image 1

As the beach is finally starting to cool down, many of us have noticed that cooler air making its way into our homes. And who wants to be enjoying a nice cozy night in, bundled up in sweaters and socks just to stay warm?! I know I don’t!

Too often, we put up with these little drafts chocking it up to older buildings and the inconsistent temperatures that are Myrtle Beach. But really, the solution to this problem is a rather easy one. Johns Island, SC


Now lets talk about those pesky little spaces under your home that leaves the underside of your floors exposed to the elements – crawl spaces. Don’t get me wrong, crawl spaces are a GREAT way to run ducting and other wiring/piping to different parts of the home; providing air flow and easy access to electrical and plumbing. The drawback to these crawl spaces is air flow. As cool air is flowing under your home, its cooling down the underside of the home that your HVAC system is working hard to keep warm. This causes your HVAC system to kick it into overdrive, ultimately raising your electric bill.  

How do you stop this?

A crawl space encapsulation! A crawl space encapsulation involves sealing off all vents and air inlets/outlets in a crawl space, covering the ground and walls in a mold and pest resistant vapor barrier, and sealing it tightly to the foundation. This blocks off the entire space from the outside environment making it so that no outside air can move through the space. Now, your warm conditioned air stays inside while that cool outside air stays out!


How about drafty rooms?

Many of us live day to day without thinking about our home’s insulation, and we shouldn’t have to! Insulation is placed in attics and under floors to keep the air that you’re paying for, inside the home’s envelope.

Now, insulation can’t just be thrown into a space and then suddenly your home is warm again. There is this thing called R-value that measures how well the insulation resists conductive heat. Basically, the thicker the insulation (higher R-value), the more efficiently you can keep your home comfortable. The best way to determine if you have enough insulation, is to have a specialist perform an energy audit on your home to find all the places that you could be losing conditioned air and money. The coolest part about that? WE DO THEM FOR YOU…. COMPLETELY FREE.


So, don’t wait for Jack Frost to nip at your nose. Encapsulate and insulate TODAY and enjoy your holiday season in a comfortable home.


Johns Island, SC