Spray Foam: There Might Be More Benefits Than You Think!

Monday, April 27th, 2020 by Amber Kuharchik

Starting to build a house? Have an existing home than needs new insulation? Considering if spray foam might be worth a look into? Well, sit tight because below you will read the benefits that spray foam has for your home!


Spray Foam: There Might Be More Benefits Than You Think! - Image 1


Spray Foam: There Might Be More Benefits Than You Think!

The days of rolled out slide into the walls pink insulation are almost behind us and today more and more contructors and home builders are talking about spray foam insulation. First let's talk about spray foam and how there are two different types: open-cell foam and closed-cell foam.

Open-cell foam is made up of tiny bubbles that are interconnected. The bubbles hold air, which provides insulation value. Open-cell foam expands to fill gaps and cracks as soon as it's applied. But instead of curing to a hard, smooth-surfaced mass, open-cell foam has a spongier feel. And like a sponge, it will absorb moisture. Since insulation loses R-value when wet, it's not advisable to use open-cell spray foam in damp environments like basements and crawl spaces. It can be sprayed between rafters or studs, but its low R-value won't provide much total insulation value in a confined space. Open-cell foam is usually less expensive to install that closed-cell foam.

Closed-cell foam that contractors use on large-scale spray foam jobs is also known as "two-component" foam or polyurethane foam. Two chemical compounds are blended together at the application nozzle, causing the expanding foam reaction.

Even though it's more expensive to install than open-cell foam, closed-cell foam is often preferred fohome insulation projects because it offers higher R-value — between R-6 and R-7.1 per in. — and because it forms an effective moisture barrier. The ability to block moisture transmission while also providing air sealing and high insulation value is an advantage in many applications.

Now, let's talk about some of it's benefits! One major benefit to spray foam insulation is that it provides a powerful support for the homeowner and their home. The expansion nature of the spray foam allows for installers to seal all gaps and corners but would otherwise be exposed, resulting in an air tight seal. Another huge benefit is spray foam can reduce the homeowners utility bills. When compared to other forms of insulation, the energy savings of spray foam approaches 30%. You even have the option if you wanted to use this product with other types of insulation to reduce detrimental air flow issues that may go through your walls, floor, or ceiling.

Spray Foam insulation promotes a longer lifespan compared to other insulations. If the homeowner takes care of their structure after the spray foam is installed, then it offers the possiblity of an indefinite lifespan after the installation.  There is no need to worry about udgrading or replacing the insulation over time!

To sum this up, the benefits of Spray Foam Insulation are:

  • It creates a powerful support for the home.
  • It seals all the tight gaps and corners, leaving no area exposed.
  • Reduces the homeowners utility bill.
  • It promotes a longer lifespan.

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