Testimonials for Carolina Energy Conservation

"Clean, polite, and very respectful."
Michele L. of Leland, NC
Thursday, September 24th
"This crew has worked nonstop for 3 days in terrible conditions of heat & cramped quarters. THere are no words to express how amazing a crew they are and how lucky you are to have them as employees. They worked with us through a very difficult job. Helpful; and stayed with our changes. Went above and beyond most person's capability to get job done. Always polite, professional and all had excellent attitude."
John Q. of Oak Island, NC
Monday, August 31st
"Very knowledgeable, prompt, good job!"
Lenard Y. of Florence, SC
Friday, October 16th
I am very pleased with the work that Eddie and Michael did for me today. They worked very hard and diligently on a hot day to remove the old insulation from underneath my mobile home. I so appreciate the job they tackled as some of the insulation was adhered to the underside. I had considered doing this job myself but it would have been way more than I could have handled! They were both courteous and professional. They did an awesome cleanup job too!!! Thank you Eddie and Michael!
Carrie L. of Florence, SC
Monday, April 24th
Testimonial Photo by Sharron S.
We recently moved into a new-to-us home. An electrician who did some work in our attic mentioned that the amount of insulation up there was woefully lacking throughout. There were only a few companies in the area who had a number of reviews online, so I reached out to both of them for an estimate: Carolina Energy Conservation, and Klaus Roofing Systems. As it turns out, they are related!Kevin P. came out to perform the inspection and estimate. He made a thorough tour of the attic space, and reviewed several photos of the area with us. We were offered two services: 1) add additional blown-in insulation to the existing set up of undersized batts and existing inch of blown-in insulation that were barely covering them; or 2) remove all existing insulation over the heated/cooled rooms, apply spray foam (think Big Gap) to all the sheetrock joints and all the places where ductwork or pipes pierce it, blow in a foot of cellulose insulation over the heated/cooled rooms, and replace a non-working attic fan with a solar-powered fan.We chose option two, and made a 25% deposit. Fred from Scheduling called the same afternoon, said they had experienced a cancellation, and offered us the following day for day one of the two-day process. We gladly accepted.Day one (removal day): Matt and Greg, assisted by Brady, arrived on time and set to work. Using a giant industrial vacuum and equally large bags, they removed first the old blown-in insulation, then the undersized batts. Matt shared several photos of the cleared area, and they cleaned up the sidewalk and driveway pretty well before departing for the day.Later that day, Peter B. arrived unexpectedly and advised he was here to install the solar-powered fan. The fan qualifies for a Residential Homeowner Tax Credit, and a 10-year warranty on the fan is included.Day two (installation day): Greg returned with Jeff and they set to work. The first hour or so, they applied the expanding foam.Then they took turns feeding the insulation material into the hopper, where it was fluffed and mixed with a small amount of water to aid in distribution and keep dust down. The mixture was pumped into place, and the team again shared photos of the space with me.I am very pleased with the work, and would recommend this company to someone who is considering having this type of work done on their home.
Sharron S. of Socastee, SC
Tuesday, December 27th
Carolina Energy Conservation recently completed a closed-cell foam installation in the attics of four condos Cordesville, SC. I was the coordinator for the owners. I am writing this letter to share my satisfaction for a job that was completed as scheduled and with a high degree of professional care. Mr. Jeff Thompson from CEC worked with me from proposal through completion. He was focused and attentive to the details and kept me informed of progress. The owners anticipate a drop in energy cost this coming summer now that the leakage and high temperatures in the attic have been addressed. I would recommend CEC for anyone interested in a quality insulation job.
Dan S. of Cordesville, SC
Monday, May 5th
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