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Carolina Energy Conservation is proud to announce that we will once again be participating in Santee Cooper's Reduce the Use  program for 2014 as a Trade Ally on both the Home and Business sides.

For 2014 Santee Cooper will once again be offering customers low-interest loans through there Reduce The Use program to finance qualified, energy-efficient improvements (including attic insulation and weatherization) and renewable energy resource projects (including solar photovoltaic (PV) generation and solar hot water) for your home. To learn more about the exciting benefits of Santee Cooper's Reduce the Use programs and Trade Ally programs PLEASE CLICK HERE. 

"Providing a Greener World For Tomorrow"


hp building     Carolina Energy Conservation is proud to specialize in energy efficient home improvements that are designed not only to improve your homes overall efficiency, but also to help create a more comfortable environment inside your home year-round. Our energy consultants provide in home consultations to determine the most cost-effective ways in which we can help to lower your overall energy usage. Our energy saving products include the NASA inspired ECO-GUARD PLUS, which prevents over 97% of radiant heat from ever even entering your home to, BLOWN-IN FIBERGLASS INSULATION, SPRAY FOAM INSULATION, SOLAR PV, HYBRID HOT WATER TANKS, SOLAR HOT WATER SYSTEMS, REPLACEMENT WINDOWS, RIDGE VENTS, SOLAR ATTIC FANSSOLAR TUBES and even LED LIGHTING SOLUTIONS. Carolina Energy Conservation also offers the money saving service of SEALING YOUR ATTIC'S AIR PENETRATIONS. In fact, according to the U.S. Energy Star website, "by having your attic properly sealed homeowners are able to improve the overall comfort of their homes and help to fix many common problems including; reducing outside noise pollution, less pollen insects and dust, and better humidity control"

     Each of our one-on-one in-home energy consultations will begin with a comprehensive energy analysis of your home. By performing this sort of in-depth analysis your energy consultant is truly able to see just how energy-efficient your home is. Having this type of analysis performed on your home is typically the best place to start when a homeowner  knows they want to lower their utility bills and make their home more comfortable, but have never really quite known where to begin. Once the energy analysis of your home has been completed, your energy consultant will then sit down with you and discuss the results and any specific issues that were present during the inspection. If any issues were found inside the home, we will also go over some of the different options available in helping to correct or minimize these issues as well as what type of results you can actually expect. Before finishing up your in-home energy analysis, we always like to take a few extra minutes to address any additional concerns the homeowner may have. Upon completing your energy analysis you the homeowner will have the necessary knowledge to lower your energy bills and make your home more comfortable year-round. While we never promise a specific dollar amount, many of our customers have seen an average reduction of 7%-10% in their energy bills simply by implementing this new-found knowledge.    544663 476827582339915_500848778_n

     Here at Carolina Energy Conservation, we know that the task of becoming energy efficient can seem overwhelming. However, we want you to know that our energy consultants will do all they can to conserve the energy within your home  while keeping in mind that cost is a major factor to our customers. The Carolina Energy Conservation energy experts have a total of over 25 years experience in the green energy and energy efficiency fields and we are all looking forward to enjoying many more.  Contact us  today and get started making your residence or business a greener, cleaner, and more comfortable place to live!

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We promise not to pressure you into buying any of our products. At the end of our home energy analysis, we simply sit down with you and make recommendations we truly believe will improve the overall comfort of living in your home as well as help in reducing your energy bills. If you make the decision to purchase one of our energy efficient products, great! If not, we do understand and we simply hope that we can earn your business in the future. We look forward to helping you join the thousands of other people experiencing the savings that our products provide.

Contact us today to create a custom energy savings plan tailored to meet your wants and needs!


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