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Renewable energy is readily available on both a local and global scale. As a local owned and operated provider of renewable energy solutions, Carolina Energy Conservation specializes in solar energy systems and installations. Sunlight can be used to generate electricity via a solar photovoltaic (PV) system.

Carolina Energy Conservation is your local resource for expert renewable energy system installations, including solar PV in South Carolina. If you're interested in learning more or getting a free quote, call or contact us today.

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Solar Panel Installers

Solar energy by Carolina Energy Conservation's renewable energy experts.

Why solar?

Solar energy is such an ideal solution to power a home because it benefits both the individual and the environment. Solar energy allows you to keep your home energy efficient and help eliminate your electric bill.

It also greatly reduces pollution and carbon emissions, meaning you can do your part to protect the earth! Read more about the advantages of solar energy and discover if it's right for your home.

Tax incentives for solar energy

In order to help people make the switch to solar panels, many incentives and rebates are available when you install a new solar energy system in South Carolina. Here are some of the tax incentives available to you:

  • South Carolina State Solar Tax Credit: One time 25% tax rebate
  • Santee Cooper: $1.60 per watt rebate (limits may apply)
  • US Federal Tax Credit: One time 30% tax rebate

Find out more details about these solar tax incentives, and call Carolina Energy Conservation to learn more about how they may apply to you.

Solar panel and solar photovoltaic options

There are two types of solar energy systems that are most common amongst homeowners in South Carolina. A grid-connected solar PV system connects your home to solar energy while still allowing you to use electricity from your local utilities provider if need be. If you provide more electricity than you use, you'll be eligible for retail credit by feeding this energy back to your utilities provider.

The second type of solar PV system is called a grid-connected critical load battery backup system. A long name for a short concept - this system operates the same way as a typical solar panel setup, except that it's also designed to work in the event of a power outage or failure from your local utilities provider. Basically, this system is a normal energy source and a generator all in one. We install Tesla, Sonnen, and LG solar energy battery backups throughout Bluffton, Myrtle Beach, and surrounding areas.

Choosing a system that's right for you

How can you be sure that renewable energy is the right choice for your home? The answer takes into account a few different factors, and following these steps will provide a simple way to determine if renewable energy is a smart decision:

  1. Ensure energy efficiency first. Long before you consider any kind of solar installation, you'll want to make certain that your home is properly insulated and air-sealed. By reducing home energy consumption, you'll be able to avoid wasting any of the renewable energy you produce. Carolina Energy Conservation can perform a comprehensive home insulation examination to determine your home's energy performance, allowing you to make the necessary upgrades.
  2. Make sure your home is evaluated for a solar system installation. Many homes can easily accept a wood or pellet stove, however, this is not true for a solar PV system. By evaluating your site, Carolina Energy Conservation can determine the best solution for a solar system. As a member of the Dr. Energy Saver network, we have the most up-to-date information concerning state and federal incentives for energy efficiency improvements.
  3. Have Carolina Energy Conservation install your solar system. We can handle the entire installation process, from beginning to end.

Start saving with renewable energy today

If you're interested in learning more about any of our services, call or contact Carolina Energy Conservation today to schedule a Free Quote. Find out how much a renewable energy installation can save you on your energy expenses!

We proudly offer all of our energy saving services throughout the Eastern SC area, including Myrtle Beach, Charleston, Bluffton, Florence, Mount Pleasant, North Charleston, Darlington, Beaufort, Goose Creek, Blythewood, and the neighboring cities and towns.