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Carolina Energy Conservation Case Studies: Attic fan and attic insulation

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William the homeowner in Florence, South Carolina had a hot attic in the summer. He wanted to fix this problem. He realized that his energy bills were high and his HVAC system was not to blame. The old attic insulation was the cause of the uncomfortable home. The house was build at code which means the minimum insulation was used in the attic. William talked with our sales team and they worked out a solution to his problem. He needed new insulation and an attic fan to keep his attic from overheating and trapping humidity in the attic. 


The solution to Williams problem was to add attic insulation and add two solar attic fans on the roof. Due to the size of Williams home he needed two solar attic fans. This is not always the case because every home is different. 

Project Summary

Attic Fan:

Attic insulation: