Cold Floors? You Can Thank Your Crawl Space

Cold Floors You Can Thank Your Crawl Space - Image 1


As we begin the New Year with freezing temperatures, you may begin to notice some cooler areas in your home.  Do you find yourself sliding into your slippers more often? This could be because your losing heat through a poorly insulated crawlspace. Because these structures are built straight into the ground, they tend to pull the natural cool temperatures from the earth into your home. Without proper insulation below your home, your HVAC system may be overworking and costing you extra on your energy bill each month.  The best way to fix this problem is to go into the crawlspace and install new insulation. As a part of our services, Carolina Energy Conservation provides a few different insulation choices that will optimize the environment underneath your home.

The problem doesn’t stop at insulation however. Another main cause of cold floors above the crawlspace is airflow. Crawlspaces are not sealed from outside air, so air is moving in and out of the space sometimes making it difficult to regulate temperature in the home. Luckily, we offer crawlspace encapsulation services as well. After the space is properly insulated, we seal it with a polyurethane membrane that prevents pests, outside air, and excessive moisture. While eliminating outside air and moisture, the crawlspace becomes a “conditioned” area that can be heated and cooled along side of your home.

Once your crawlspace is insulated and sealed, you’ll start to notice dramatically warmer floors and a lower energy bill.  If you would like to know why your floors are so cold or just how your crawlspace is looking, contact our office to set up a FREE home energy evaluation today! 


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