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Tuesday, July 10th, 2018 by Hannah Staley

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Ever just sit in your house and think, “Wow, it is so gloomy in here,” or “I wish we had more natural light in our home.” Well, you’re in luck! Carolina Energy Conservation has a state-of-the-art solution to transforming those dark, unbearable rooms into bright and joyful ones that will make your family want to hang out in all day. 


Natural light. Solatube Daylighting Systems are exactly what dark rooms need. Solatubes are tubular skylights that run through your attic from your roof and bring natural light into any dark space in your home. They are made of the world’s most reflective material that allows over 99% of outside light into your living space. This means that the light that shines from your Solatube is all-natural sunlight! 

Leak-free. When installed, there is a flashing attached on the outside preventing any leaks. This prevents water from getting into the home, as well as, air leakage. The manufacturer also offers a 10-year warranty with a leak-proof guarantee!

Nightlight. A tiny solar panel is placed inside the Solatube to generate a soft glow at night. This solar-powered smart Nightlight also qualifies for 55% in combined tax credits! In other words, you could get 55% of the cost of the system (and installation) credited to your taxes. 

LED availability. You can also have an LED light installed in your Solatube, so when you need light and the sun is gone for the day, you can still brighten up your room. 

Better than a skylight. Skylights cause rooms to heat up, there is possible leakage, and they are not so energy efficient, whereas the Solatubes are leak-proof and Energy Star rated. 

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Energy efficient. Since Solatubes utilize natural light, you will conserve energy throughout the day, allowing you to save money on your electric bills. 

Made in the USA. Solatube International, Inc. may be the worldwide leader and manufacturer of tubular daylighting devices, but their products are manufactured right here in the states. Their home office is in Vista, CA. 

Customizable. Solatube Daylighting Systems come in two different shapes (square or circular) and sizes (10-inch and 14-inch diameters) with different decorative lens options and add-ons to choose from. Making it easy to customize this daylighting system to better meet your needs!


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To brighten up your home, please visit: or give us a call today! (843) 748-0295


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