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Carolina Energy Conservation Case Studies: Crawl Space Encapsulation and Mold Remediation

Tuesday, July 9th, 2019 by Nicolas Planchard


Crawlspaces are a menace. They are dark, dirty, and humid. Bugs like to live in there. They're vented to the outside air in the summer (and in the winter if you neglect to close your vents) which can be very humid and this defeats the purpose of venting. Mold loves a dark humid environment with plenty of wood to eat. 

The customer wanted to prevent his house from mold and other damages, but also increase the air quality and reduce the energy costs.



Crawl Space Encapsulation was the solution for him and he decided to trust Carolina Energy Conservation to install everything.

This job took four days to be done. On the first day, Max, (Tito and Josh for a little while) then Brian, our Solar Project Manager were working on the first step of a crawl space encapsulation, which is making sure that the crawl space is not suffering from inadequate drainage around the foundation or mold growth. They mitigated all drainage, mold and combustion problems.

On the second day and third day, Max, Tito, Josh, Jason , Max, Brian and Nic came back to work on sealing the floor, vents and walls. In the morning, they insulated crawl space walls with rigid foam. We are using the SilverGlo™ rigid foam insulation. This high-performance rigid foam is immune to moisture damage and won’t lose its R-value or fall out of place once installed. In the afternoon, they insulated the dirt crawl space floor with TerraBlock™ rigid foam insulation. While not as important as insulating your crawl space walls, adding foam board insulation to the floor can reduce heat loss in the wintertime.

On the fourth day, Shaun and Jordan finished the job by cleaning the whole crawlspace and making sure everything was done the right way.


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