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Installing a Solar Power Attic Fan with a Powered Garage Fan is an efficient way to cool down your home.

Many of us use our garages for relaxation, recreation, and even work. Garages can become unbearable in the Summer, especially in this Eastern SC heat. Like many of us, your goal is to keep your home comfortable and protected from the elements.

That is why Carolina Energy Conservation installs ventilation fans that are designed to cool down your garage and keep your entire home more comfortable.

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Creating a comfortable garage & home

Solatube's Powered Garage Fan pulls hot, stale air out of the garage, pushing it out of vents while bringing in cool outside air inside. By installing garage insulation with a Solar Powered Attic Fan, you can have whole-house comfort and energy efficiency!

  • Good - Powered Garage Fan: With the garage ventilation fan, hot air will be pushed out of the garage and outside. Cold outside air will then be pulled into the space.
  • Better - Powered Garage Fan & Solar Powered Attic Fan: By pairing a Solar Powered Attic Fan with a Powered Garage Fan, hot garage air will be pulled out of the garage and into the solar-powered attic fan, where the hot air will be pushed out of your home entirely.
  • Best - Powered Garage Fan, Solar Powered Attic Fan, & Garage Door Insulation: Bundling a Powered Garage Fan with a Solar Powered Attic Fan and Garage Door Insulation will cool down your home more efficiently. As hot air moves through your garage fan and out of your Solar Powered Attic Fan, garage insulation will prevent some of that radiant heat from even entering your home in the first place.

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With a Powered Garage Fan, you will have a more comfortable space for your work, recreational activities, or storage items. You can add a Solar Powered Attic fan and garage insulation for even more home comfort and energy efficiency!

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