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Solatube Daylighting Systems Before & After Photos

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Solatube Transformation in a Bathroom in Little River, SC

It is wonderful to make a homeowner's day brighter and we did just that in Little River, South Carolina. This new construction home was almost perfect and the homeowner knew exactly what she wanted: A Solatube in both the bathroom and hallway. She had Solatubes in her previous home. "It is wonderful to go throughout the day without turning on lights in every room." We did it again, the natural light is such a beautiful addition to her home. 

Solatube installation in North Myrtle Beach

Our customer had a very dark kitchen area that they wanted to brighten up all year round. They installed a 14 inch Solatube to bring in natural daylight and brighten up the kitchen and breakfast area. The Solatube installed in less than two hours. Now this customer will have Solatube beautiful daylight in their kitchen area all year round. This makes their home brighter and more cheerful. 

Kitchen Solatube in Conway, SC

This kitchen has over 8 can lights, which is nice and bright at night, but the Homeowner wanted an option to brighten the kitchen throughout the day without turning on ALL the lights! The central kitchen island is the heart of this home. With the new Solatube Daylighting System, the kitchen looks more up to date, modern and the lighting draws your attention to it's central location. 

Solatube Install in Myrtle Beach, SC

"This is just amazing!" exclaimed out Happy Homeowner. This is exactly what we love to hear when our Homeowner walks in after their #Solatube is installed.
She goes on to explain that their home was the model home for the neighborhood. As an outdoor lover she found her kitchen was depressing due to its central location. It is not located near windows. "We spent 5 weeks waiting on our perfect pendent lights. The new kitchen sink went in last week. Now we have the perfect #dayligiht for our kitchen."

It was a delight to hear her excitement the second she stepped back in the home after running errands. The Solatube install only takes about 2 hours and made a great impact on the overall appearance of their interior.

A Kitchen Solatube in Murrells Inlet

"It has made a world of difference!"


There are many homes in this Murrells Inlet community that have chosen Solatubes for the interior dark rooms. Linda's relatives warned her against roof penetrations, so she waited a year before contacting Carolina Energy Conservation. After researching the 10 year warranty and life time flashing guarantee, she chose Carolina Energy Conservation due to our over 15 years in business in this community. Linda is delighted in the results. "My kitchen has dark cabinets so it seemed dark. Now it's bright all day long." She also installed a Solatube Daylighting System in her bathroom. "I now keep the door closed due to the nightlight, but I love that I don't ever have to turn on the light."