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Encapsulated Attic Ducts and New Solatube Attic Fan in North Myrtle Beach

After discovering a leaking duct, this home owner contacted Carolina Energy Conservation to look at their attic space. The current blown in insulation was low and not up to code. We suggested the removal and disposal of the existing insulation, followed by air sealing the attic and new blown in cellulose to R38. We encapsulated the ducts throughout the attic and installed a 35 watt Solatube attic fan. The home is now ready for lower electric bills throughout all the season. 


Spray Foam in North Myrtle Beach, SC

The homeowner in North Myrtle Beach wanted to prevent water seepage and heat transfer in their home. Since there was no prior insulation, these issues were a concern. The best solution was to add closed-cell spray foam. This type of foam expands to fill gaps and crevices, creating a barrier against water infiltration. It also repels water and has a high R-value, about 6.0 per inch of thickness, indicating excellent insulating properties. This helps prevent heat transfer, making it an effective solution for improving energy efficiency and maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures. Now, their home is insulated and protected from water and heat.

Solatube in North Myrtle Beach

This North Myrtle Beach homeowner noticed that their kitchen and dining area lacked natural light and came to Carolina Energy Conservation to brighten the space. The perfect solution to their problem was to install a solatube. Solatubes are designed to capture and deliver natural, consistent light throughout the year, ensuring that your space is well-lit without the drawbacks of excessive heat or furniture fading. Their innovative technology effectively filters out harsh midsummer light while also amplifying weaker winter light. Additionally, they come equipped with a solar-powered nightlight, providing energy-efficient visibility at night. 


This family will apply for the federal and state tax credit. More information on our website.

Solatube in North Myrtle Beach

This family in North Myrtle Beach wanted to bring more natural light into their living room. After seeing how well Solatubes work on Carolina Energy Conservation's website, they decided they would be the perfect addition to their home. Solatubes bring in natural light, which reduces energy costs, making the home more energy efficient. They are designed to allow for a comfortable and consistent amount of light year-round by bending the weaker winter rays to allow for maximum light and softening the overbearing midday summer rays, making them more comfortable and consistent for the home. It also has a solar-powered night light which will turn on automatically at night to allow for visibility without the need to waste energy. 

Attic Insulation in Conway, SC