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Wall Dense Packing in Conway, SC

Kitchen Solatube in Conway, SC

This kitchen has over 8 can lights, which is nice and bright at night, but the Homeowner wanted an option to brighten the kitchen throughout the day without turning on ALL the lights! The central kitchen island is the heart of this home. With the new Solatube Daylighting System, the kitchen looks more up to date, modern and the lighting draws your attention to it's central location. 

Solatube in Conway, SC

This homeowner had Solatubes in a prior home and new that they transformed the spaces. After purchasing this home, they called Carolina Energy Conservation, Solatube International's premier installer for the Grand Strand, and has a solatube put in the restroom. 

Solatube Installed in Conway, SC

The homeowners discovered Carolina Energy Conservation at the Spring Home Show and expressed their desire to bring more natural light into their kitchen. A solatube was a perfect choice as it brings in natural light and uses brilliant technology to ensure it lasts all day. Providing a consistent source of light without generating heat or causing any fading of furniture due to the Raybender 3000 Technology. It provides light year-round, rejects the overpowering light of midsummer, and provides a solar-powered nightlight. 


This Conway family will also be applying for the federal and state tax credit. More information on our website.

Solatube in Conway

The family in Conway found that their bathroom was too dark and the current lighting was too strong. Since the bathroom had no windows, they wanted to bring in some natural light. After an energy evaluation by Carolina Energy Conservation, they decided that installing a solatube was the best option for their needs. Solatubes provide comfortable natural light and use Raybender 3000 Technology to maximize light capture year-round while blocking out harsh midday summer light. Additionally, they come with a solar-powered night light that turns on automatically at night, providing energy-efficient visibility.


This family will apply for the federal and state tax credit. More information on our website.