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Solatube in Conway, SC

The Conway family wanted to bring more natural light into their kitchen, which is the heart of their home. They found Carolina Energy Conservation at the Myrtle Beach Home Show and were impressed by the Solatube. They decided to have an energy evaluation done for their home, and it was determined that Solatubes were the best option for them. Solatubes provide natural light without causing fading to floors and furniture, and they also help to block out heat and intense midday summer light. Solatubes also have a solar-powered nightlight which allows for visibility at night while being energy efficient.


This family will apply for the federal and state tax credit. More information on our website. 

Solatube in Conway

This family in Conway wished to brighten their living room and add some natural light to the dim room. They came to Carolina Energy Conservation with hopes of solving their problems, and after learning about Solatubes, they decided they were the perfect addition to their home. Solatubes have a softening lens that dampens the overbearing midday summer rays, allowing bright natural light to enter the room and keeping the light from damaging floors and furniture. It also bends the low beams in winter to allow for maximum light output, giving a comfortable and consistent amount of natural light year-round. It also has a solar-powered nightlight, which allows for visibility once it gets dark without the need to waste any electricity, creating a more energy-efficient home in the process.

Solatube in Conway

A family in Conway noticed that their bathroom lacked natural light and wanted to brighten the room. After learning about Solatubes, they reached out to Carolina Energy Conservation and requested an energy evaluation to install one in their bathroom. It turned out to be the perfect choice for them, as it not only added natural light but also had a solar-powered night light that automatically turned on at night for extra visibility without wasting energy. The design of the solatube allows for natural bright consistent light year-round by bending the overbearing midday summer light to soften the effects, keeping the light from damaging furniture and flooring, and bending weaker winter rays to allow for bright consistent light.

Solatube in Conway

This Conway homeowner wanted to brighten their bathroom and make their home more energy-efficient. After learning about Solatubes, they reached out to Carolina Energy Conservation and wanted to install one to bring more natural light into their home. The design of the solatube will allow natural light to be brought in without bleaching any furniture or floors due to the softening lens which will bend the rays of overbearing midsummer rays making the light more comfortable. It also will bend the weaker rays in winter to allow for bright, consistent light, making year-round comfortable lighting. Solatubes also come with a solar-powered night light, which allows for visibility once the sun sets. With the Solatube installed it allows for consistent natural bright light year-round and will make the home more energy efficient. 

Solatube Install in Myrtle Beach, SC

"This is just amazing!" exclaimed out Happy Homeowner. This is exactly what we love to hear when our Homeowner walks in after their #Solatube is installed.
She goes on to explain that their home was the model home for the neighborhood. As an outdoor lover she found her kitchen was depressing due to its central location. It is not located near windows. "We spent 5 weeks waiting on our perfect pendent lights. The new kitchen sink went in last week. Now we have the perfect #dayligiht for our kitchen."

It was a delight to hear her excitement the second she stepped back in the home after running errands. The Solatube install only takes about 2 hours and made a great impact on the overall appearance of their interior.